Our values
“We wanted freedom, open air, adventure. We found it on the Balearic sea.”


Seaman’s Crew is above all a family. We are proud to run a family business and confidently stand behind our brand, mission and values. We are transparent and showing you the detail of handmade printing.


In every collection, every piece, we’re giving attention to all the details that come together to create something beautiful. Seaman’s Crew is more than a clothing brand; it’s a way of thinking that ensures you’re looking the best version of yourself while confidently showing who you are.


he Mediterranean sea around Mallorca is wide, everlasting and flawless turquoise. It can be furious but brings us in the special moments with friends, family and loved ones a pure feeling of joy. Our aim is to create this moment of joy right when a Seaman’s Crew clothing first touches the skin.