The idea for SMC was born at the Balearic sea with its crystal blue water in the beating heart of the Spanish island of Mallorca. Back in 2017 the family of seaman's around Yuliya and Kevin Lima decided to combine the love for living on deck, the sea and the feeling of having a family and crew around yourself.The brand stands for creativeness, passion and self-expression. SMC celebrates the adventure of life, being the best and honest possible version of yourself - to live out the true side of yourself. 

Who we truly are

1. Who had the idea for SMC?

of us decided to do something different with our lifes, but we had no
clue what we were gonna do and we started checking YouTube videos for
some ideas. Yuliya found some video that caught her attention and shared
that video with Kevin. After watching the video Kevin decided that
screen printing is what he would like to try. Furthermore he realized
that he could never really find T-Shirts that he likes so this sounded
like an interesting business idea to him.

2. What was your idea for the name SMC?

Both of us worked on cruise ships for over 5 years, so basically we were seaman's crew.

3. What does crew mean to you?

For us it means family! When you work on a ship people who surround you become your family.

4. Where did you print your first T-Shirt?

We printed our first T-Shirt at home and dried it in the kitchen oven.

5. What was the first design that you printed?

first design was Skull Sailor, a really rough design inspired by the
sea and the long hours you work as a seaman and of course pirates of the

6. How does Mallorca influence your collections?

Mallorca is our inspiration. This island is very beautiful and we always get some new ideas to create new designs.

7. How are you running your business? 

are a family business and we are running it together. We love and
support each other, we have the same goals and we feel very blessed for
this opportunity to work together.

8. How does the business challenge you as a crew?

business challenges our creativity and our problem solving as a unit.
As every business we had our ups and downs, but as a family (crew) we
are stronger together. As they say “A smooth sea never made a skilled

9. With what word would you describe each other? 

Kevin is creative, he has a lot of ideas. Yuliya is very organized and is the strong pillar of our business. 

10. What are your sustainable future goals?

would like not to bring any harm to our planet, and become more
sustainable in everything we do from sweatshirts to packaging.