Every piece of clothing has its own special vibe - that certain something!

As a family business we are handmade printing every single piece thus it can live up to its own uniqueness. Every piece empowers your mindset, way of life and shows how you truly are. We are not perfect, nor are we every day flawless. Thus we always strive for honesty and transparency. Some of our clothes and collection pieces have their own unique flaws. They are special in their own way and deserve to be shown. 

Moreover we are on our way in becoming more and more a sustainable family business. Therefore we strongly believe in reducing waste. 

With this offer you have the opportunity to give a clothing piece a second life and we can ensure we are together on the right track to an even more sustainable production with waste reduction. 

This is your chance to contribute to our sustainable journey and get your own unique piece with “perfect flaws”. ;-)