BLOG May 2022


“Being the only one of its kind, everyone is unique.”

What’s the difference between you and others? How would you describe yourself? Many people think about the answers to these two questions for a long time, but the answers should already be on the tongue. The answer is a very simple one which each individual should internalize: I am unique!

Unique is your daily routine as an early bird or a night owl.

Unique is your environment, which shapes you as a loner or a group person.

Unique is your way of traveling, locally or globally.

Unique are your interests, whether broad or centered. 

Unique is your favorite pizza, whether you choose Margherita or Hawaii. 

Unique experiences become a wonderful memory that we play back again and again in our minds. It is best to share these experiences with others. It’s hard to see how unique each event actually is. Experiences make you a different person – your first day of school, your first kiss, your first self-earned money, your best sunrise and your first coolest party. 

The cherry on the cake of your uniqueness are your character and talents. Unique lifecatchers makes school, work, money, performance and time unimportant. The real reason for life is crystallizing – to experience and enjoy every single moment of life to the fullest. 

We, Yuliya and Kevin, got to know unique people, countries and cultures through our sea trips. These unique experiences of our travels are reflected in every activity of our actions. We print every fashion piece by hand. This makes each fashion piece unique and has its own flaws and edges. As a family business, we strive every day for creativity, trust and uniqueness. You help us make Seaman’s Crew unique every day. Together we build our own understanding of uniqueness.

BLOG April 2022


We all grow up with it, in different constellations, in different colors and different numbers of people in it. What are we talking about? Family! 

Family is a central pillar in our lives. It gives us support, security and confidence. It is a kind of constant pillar but also an ever-changing construct in which we live. Family can be the family into which you are born and grow up – with or without siblings. It shapes and forms us as individuals in our young years and it connects us through our common DNA. 

Families are teams in sports as well as friends in school. Cliquen with many similarities and a strong sense of belonging, in which we feel comfortable. As a young adult, our horizons expand and we discover new feelings, experiences and activities for ourselves. Colleagues from work or studies become friends and then family. 

What each individual defines as a family changes over time, but what it means remains the same: confidence, security and support. A family makes us feel like we have found a place in life. We connect through commonalities and feel connected as individuals with others in a unit. Joint celebrations, activities and meetings strengthen this bond. 

There is simply no clear definition of a family. Everyone redefines their own family in different stages of their lives. Family is a personal attitude for everyone that is as diverse as we humans. 

For us, family means having a CREW around them. A team consisting of Yulyia and Kevin as well as our parents and relatives. We are a proud, young family business, which is shaped by trust and support. Our family is characterized by common activities, DNA and love and is strengthened by new challenges every day. 

As different as any family can be, every family is based on a clear value: trust! With confidence one can connect with one’s own family, one’s own CREW and form a community. 

“Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.”